Content creation

Pimp Your Content: Create an ebook

27th August 2018 /

You’ve probably already seen the free ebook download on our own homepage. We’ve put it there because an ebook is a great marketing tool. It’s a way of capturing potential clients’ attention. After all, doesn’t everyone love a freebie?

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Scrabble bricks spelling SEO

Focus on SEO: Five Things to Get Right

16th July 2018 /

As web developers and content creators we’re always being asked about SEO and we’re always banging on about it. So what exactly is it?

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Tips for blogging.

Focus: Five Ways to a Better Blog

3rd May 2018 /

There are so many blogs around – last Google count was in excess of 150 million – to say it’s hard to make your voice stand out is an understatement. So how do you make your blog be heard above the digital chatter?

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Typing into a laptop computer.

Blogging for Business: Five Reasons Why

30th April 2018 /

Blogs and business may have seemed unlikely bedfellows once upon a time but these days there’s no doubting a blog is an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy.

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Padlocks in a row.

GDPR: It’s Happening

16th April 2018 /

On May 25th, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force affecting everyone from large multinationals to small-time bloggers and individuals.

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Hello spring flowers.

Time for a Spring Clean?

2nd April 2018 /

Don’t you just love a good spring clean? And now spring is finally here, what better time for a digital declutter?

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Office desk, top view looking down onto the keyboard.

Individualise: A Complete Service

19th March 2018 /

Here at Individualise, we can offer you a complete website development service. From bespoke design and build to content creation, we’ve got it covered.

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