Understanding and communicating specialist skills in the B2B sector

18 December 2020

Sector - Business Technical Support

When Cloud Rede came to us with existing brand guidelines and the need for a professional website design that promoted their specialist, world-class expertise to the business sector, we came up with something that ticked all their boxes.

The Brief

Christian Bolton heads up Cloud Rede, a company that provides his world-class skills in SQL Server database systems to SMEs. When he came to us, he was looking for a new website using existing brand guidelines to sell his skills with confidence and clarity. He needed it to be able to communicate his specialist database support effectively and ultimately convert potential clients. The website also needed to have the potential to grow with Cloud Rede as Christian added to his support team.

A website with the potential to grow as the business grows.

Website design and digital design project for Cloud Rede
Website design project for Cloud Rede

The Approach

Sitting down with Christian (virtually – it was lockdown, after all!) we analysed and clarified the existing brand guidelines, and identified his USP: his world-class skills in SQL Server plus services to work alongside or even instead of existing DBAs. A coherent digital strategy was then defined, including user journeys and keyword research along with tone of voice and a website message that would sell his relational database skills and services to his target market. These were the springboards from which we defined the website architecture and navigation and created all new content.

Design tricks included devising a templating system defining pages by colour without the need to update the templates directly. Key CTA sections were created to cross-link pages and sections whilst also emphasising solutions to different problems potential clients might be experiencing and want help with. Forms were created and integrated with Hubspot to provide seamless inbound marketing. Positioning blogs were written to help clarify the message and enhance SEO.

Ongoing and clear communication done remotely meant Christian could remain involved at every stage of the process and his website was created entirely during lockdown.

Remote communication and collaboration resulted in a successful project being produced by deadline.

The Project


  • Translated offline branding guidelines into a coherent digital look and feel
  • Focus on user journey and a clear focus on CTA converting new clients
  • Continued website support for ongoing performance, including SEO improvements and digital marketing


Cloud Rede’s new website ticks all the boxes Christian needs it to. Clarity of message and emphasis on reaching potential new clients informs design and content on every page. The website content focusses on selling confidence in Christian’s skills and services while including relevant keywords that work on boosting the website’s SEO. It’s a beautiful, user-friendly website that speaks volumes to Christian’s potential business clients.

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