Maintaining a website that has grown with the organisation

21 April 2018


Having us on hand to explain the technical aspects with no techy jargon has been the key to this website’s success.

The Brief

Steph needed to get the technical aspects of the Gympanzees website up and running smoothly. Lacking both the confidence to use WordPress and the time to learn how to get to grips with it herself, she came to Individualise after working with us at the WordPress do_action day in Bristol. It was important to her that we use plain English instead of jargon.

Steph now has a website that she is happy with and can move her project forward.

Gympanzees examples of website on various devices.

I’ve loved working with Nic. She makes it all straightforward and feeds back what she has done as we go, adjusting things to meet my needs. She has a great eye and I love the look of my website. I am hugely busy at the moment and love the comfort of knowing Nic is dealing with the website so I don’t have to worry about it. Thanks Nic!

Steph Wheen, CEO and Founder of Gympanzees

Gympanzees website project by Individualise.

The Approach

A large part of the website was built during the do_action day but we needed to put a plan in place regarding pulling all the design elements together and adding new features that weren’t thought of on the day. Steph was keen for the website to be on a support plan so we could implement further changes as and when required.

With her support plan, the website issues are dealt with by Individualise which means Steph doesn’t need to worry about technical details.

The Project


  • Ongoing technical support
  • Support for further projects
  • Implementation of donation functionality


With a website she is happy with and support plan in place, Steph is able to concentrate on making a success of Gympanzees.

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