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We offer a range of affordable plans for all sizes of businesses.

We’ve always said that one of our roles is to demystify the digital world and make it accessible to everyone. And that includes making SEO – often seen as too expensive a service – available to small, owner-run businesses. It’s an affordable level of investment that can have a seriously beneficial impact on your business.

Once you have your report speak to us to find out more - it might be more affordable than you think.

This is the perfect time to make an investment in SEO and digital marketing. If you are so busy you can't keep up, are you attracting the right type of clients and customers? Are customers finding the right information on your website? Do you need to reduce your admin so you can get on with dealing with the business? The right SEO strategy can help you concentrate on the business that you do best. 

The report might seem overwhelming at first, but there's a few things you can check to get an understanding.

Have a look at the preview, this will show you how your website looks on desktop and mobile. Check that it looks good on the mobile, this is really important for your Google rankings -- Google loves mobile!

Keyword performance, have a look at this to see how you perform against a competitor (if you added one). Are you ranking for the keywords for your top services and products? Are you ranking in the right places if you run a local service?

Have a look at the different ranking opportunities, see if there's areas you can change content or SEO.

Have a look at the onsite actions, see if you can make any of the suggested changes.

Backlinks is this an area you can improve on, all backlinks make a difference in your SEO. Again check your competitors.

If you are still trying to figure out what it all means, speak to us about helping you with your SEO.

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