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19 March 2018

By: Nic Thomas

Here at Individualise, we can offer you a complete website development service. From bespoke design and build to content creation, we've got it covered.

Better Together

A partnership wasn’t something either of us was looking for but when we realised combining our talents meant we were better together, the lightbulb moment happened and we combined forces for Individualise.

At the time we were both self-employed and Individualise was Nic’s idea, a company she envisaged to help people needing or wanting a website. Her aim was to demystify the whole process and create beautiful, bespoke, fully functioning websites for happy clients.

We met through freelance work. Monika came to Nic wanting a website of her own: As a former journalist, she was brimming with content ideas for a blog but didn’t want the hassle of the technology.

Then Nic needed help with the content for her own website – and realised that many of her clients did too. Why not pool these resources together under one roof?


With Nic’s background in design and building websites and Monika’s way with words, Individualise is more than the sum of its parts. Together, we have a great synergy: we can brand, design, build and create content for bespoke websites.

Our aim is to create great work that keeps our clients happy and gives us a sense of achievement.

Ten reasons why you should get in touch:

1. Two heads are better than one

Not only do we have different, but complementary, skills, we have different approaches. It’s always good to bounce ideas off one other – we find it generates a creative energy that has also become our driving business force.

2. We have complementary skills

Nic’s talents in design and technology means she can build you a brilliant website. As a former journalist, Monika can help fill it with by writing original content.

3. Transparency

We are honest about who we are and the services we provide. Some people want to work with a big agency, and that’s fine. But if you favour a more personal approach then we think we can offer a really productive working relationship.

4. We can offer a complete solution

From design and build to content provision and hosting, we don’t promise to be all things to all people, but we CAN build you a website that you are proud of. It will look good, do what you want it to do and convey your message.

5. Continuing support

We can also help you keep your website in good working order with regular digital and content updates. This means that once it’s up and running, you can hand over its maintenance to us while you concentrate on growing your business knowing that your website is working hard for you.

6. Jargon-free zone

We try to make the technical, somewhat impenetrable (and might we add slightly dull) aspects of building websites as accessible as possible. We won’t blind you with technical wizadry (except with on-screen results) nor will we baffle you with needless jargon.

7. Good English

In a similar vein we like to use plain English, use it correctly and use it well. With no typos, grammatical errors and a very low usage rate of exclamation marks. (We’re tempted to put one in there, but will refrain).

8. Flexibility

We are flexible in terms of what we can offer. Want your to give your website a digital MOT? Or just refresh it with some new content? Both those options are available.

9. WordPress

We use WordPress, the world’s most popular website management system with more than 70 million users worldwide. It’s so easy to use that it means you can have the option of updating the content and photos on your website yourself if you wish.

10. Friendly Faces

We’re the friendly and approachable face of website design. This might not seem like a deal breaker but it’s important to us. We like to build great working relationships with our clients, believing that the very best work is done through collaboration.

We’d love to hear from you so we can start a conversation.

Posted By Nic Thomas

Starting her career building websites in notepad back in the late 1990s, Nic's worked on a wide range of small and large-scale web projects. Nic can take your web project from website design brief, to website development completion and support you with your digital marketing.

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