Putting your Business at the Centre of your Website Support Plan


18 October 2021

By: Nic Thomas

Feeling underwhelmed by your website but overwhelmed by the effort required to get it up to scratch? Don’t have the time to update it? Realise it’s only a small part of your digital presence but don’t know where else to start? 

Taking your needs as our starting point, our mission is to help businesses like yours consolidate their online presence. We offer comprehensive website support but can also use it as a springboard for a complete digital marketing strategy if that’s what you want – its a bespoke service tailored entirely towards your business needs.

Where you come first

When we work with individual business our bespoke support plans can be created around the areas where support is needed, rather than defined by any pre-conceived areas of need bundled up into a “website care plan” (we hate that term anyway).
Individualise making websites work a website support plan

Website support plan

The average website support plan takes care of the technical aspects of looking after a website. Of course, we can do all the technical stuff. We’ll build a website, host it on a secure and fast server, make sure it’s all running smoothly and kept up-to-date. We’ll offer daily back-ups and on-hand WordPress support when clients need it. This gives huge peace of mind. So far so expected.

Bespoke digital support

But we can also incorporate many other aspects of digital marketing, helping out with your business growth where you need it most. Need an ongoing SEO strategy? No problem. Regular content? Also not a problem. A plan for social media? Happy to help.

Flexible solutions

As a team of experts, we can call in that expertise as and when it’s needed, so you’re only paying for what you need. It’s a more agile way of working, and more effective too. Rather than a website care plan, you get an off-site digital support team, working to service your website and support your business in the areas it needs most, when its required.

Monthly plan

And if you need to spread the cost, we can help with that too. Talking with you and identifying your priorities we can create a plan for updates and improvements that continually improves your website and focusses on updating when and where you website and business need it – all on a monthly plan.

Here’s what a flexible digital and website support plan has to offer.

Your Website

  • Clarity – understanding your brand and putting it across.
  • Purpose – honing your message and getting it out there.
  • Foundation – a solid foundation on which to build a marketing plan.
  • Certainty – knowing when your next blog will be published.

Your Business

  • Authority – knowing your message is out there.
  • Growth – capturing leads from your website.
  • Understanding – where the next projects are coming from.
  • Status – gaining authority for your personal and/or business brand.


  • Freedom – from fear your website’s underperforming.
  • Relief – from the overwhelming task of looking after your website.
  • Time – taking care of your website, we give you back your time.
  • Focus – leaving you with time to focus on what you do best.

Best of All

  • Possibility – Showing you where your business could go.

Nothing ever stands still, business certainly doesn’t. Even understanding your brand constantly changes depending on the market and how you choose to respond. As a small business ourselves, we get that. We also understand how business owners are often pulled in different directions. Let us step in and help you – think of us as a select, part-time member of your team, providing on-hand expertise where you need it.

We’ll help you think about your website in a different way; we’ll get all aspects of your website and digital strategy working and get your business forging ahead in the direction you choose. With all digital bases covered.

At Individualise, we start with each client’s needs and create a bespoke service around their specific requirements. Want to see how that could help your business? We’d love to chat. Book in now for a free, no obligation strategy call.

Posted By Nic Thomas

Starting her career building websites in notepad back in the late 1990s, Nic's worked on a wide range of small and large-scale web projects. Nic can take your web project from website design brief, to website development completion and support you with your digital marketing.

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