It’s Summer! Time For a Digital Detox

Following a hectic few months relaunching Individualise, it’s now so rewarding to see everything coming together and all our hard work starting to pay off. But it’s definitely been busy.

We can often be found sending each other emails in the mornings after the kids have been fed and watered and before they are taken to school. Both of us have worked evenings while dinner cooks in the oven and sat up late, bleary-eyed and losing track of time while finishing off a task.

Oh, and then there’s fitting in walking the dog.

Now that the summer holidays are on the horizon though, we are looking forward to a period when we’re not juggling quite so many balls and finally having some time to kick back and relax.

The next couple of weeks will be all about the holidays, or, in today’s terminology: the digital detox.

This year, Monika and her family are making the most of Bristol being the gateway to the South West and finally exploring Cornwall for the first time.

She’s looking forward to lots of amazing sea views and delicious cream teas. Ideally at the same time. Maybe even spotting Ricky Wilson (which would make Nic extremely jealous).

A self-confessed Instagram addict, she’s not sure whether she’ll be able to fully detox. Someone’s got to record the trip, after all…

Meanwhile, Nic’s heading way, way north with the family in her beloved blue VW campervan: Destination Mull.

Not that she wants to get as far away from Monika as possible. Obviously no, not at all.

But there might not be 4G. Which in her opinion amounts to a digital detox.

After such an intense period spent focussing on Individualise, she’s certainly looking forward to some quality family time away from work. She’s fully prepared, having packed her full-length wetsuit, paddleboard and a non-Google map (it is a detox after all).

Her itinerary’s not set in stone, but as long as she keeps the midges at bay, she’ll be a happy camper.

Some sunshine both north and south would be nice if anyone could arrange that?

Happy summer everyone – and don’t forget to let us know what your plans for a digital detox are in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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