The Perfect Summer Road Trip Playlist


13 August 2018

By: Nic Thomas

In our last post we may have mentioned that the summer holidays are coming up. The excitement at Individualise towers is tangible, not least because we are both going on a road trip. And you know what a road trip requires?

A playlist.

Oh yes.

In our feverish excitement to leave our beloved city of Bristol for the Summer, we’ve been compiling our Spotify lists or – in Monika’s case (she’s old school) – CDs.

Summer Road Trip Playlist

Nic’s top five tunes for Mulling over Mull

1. Pharrell Williams Fun, Fun, Fun

One for the kids, but still with that bit of cool, Pharrell magic.

2. Sterophonics Dakota

The PERFECT driving song. The right pace for cruising at speed.

3. Gil Scott-Heron I Think I’ll Call It Morning

One for feeling uplifted, and just so happens to be one of Nic’s wedding songs.

4. HAIM Edge

Anything by Haim works for Nic, you only get this one on the deluxe album. Just why are we not as cool as they are?

5. Kaiser Chiefs Coming Home

Obvs, Ricky has to be included. One for the journey back down the country.

Bonus Track

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Summertime 

We probably won’t have that hot, summer vibe in Scotland this year – but this track can help us imagine!

Monika’s Five Old Skool CDs for Cruising in Cornwall

1. Johnny Cash I Won’t Back Down 

Any of the American Recordings would do, but this one is probably Monika’s favourite. Cash’s late masterpiece.

2. Nouvelle Vague Love Will Tear Us Apart

80s classic gets a dreamy French bossa nova makeover. What’s not to like? (Ok, fans of Joy Division YOU MAY HAVE A POINT).

3. Elbow Grounds for Divorce

Rocking out to Grounds for Divorce in the car is the family’s favourite way of passing time during dull car journeys. An anthem, but hopefully not a prophetic one.

4. Bill Frisell Tell you Ma, Tell Your Pa

Dreamy, jazz folk guitar that offers the perfect soundscape to a long, hot journey. Look out of the window and dream. Unless you’re driving, obviously.

5. Paulo Nutini Candy

Before you say anything rude, just remember he’s from Glasgow.

Bonus Track

Don Henley The Boys of Summer

Yes, really. On repeat if it’s sunny and Monika’s in a convertible. (She won’t be – she’ll be in the Ford S-Max – but she can open the window, feel the wind in her hair, and dream…)

It was so hard to narrow down our selection we’ve compiled a full list for you here:  A Summer Road Trip Playlist. You’re welcome.

Is there anything we’ve missed?

Posted By Nic Thomas

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