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Cornerstones of Good SEO Practice

8th October 2018 /

What is SEO and how can it be maximised for your small business website? Here we list four fundamentals that can help improve your website’s ratings.

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The Perfect Summer Road Trip Playlist

13th August 2018 /

In our last post we may have mentioned that the summer holidays are coming up. The excitement at Individualise towers is tangible, not least because we are both going on a road trip. And you know what a road trip requires?

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It’s Summer! Time For a Digital Detox

30th July 2018 /

Mums more than anyone know it isn’t easy juggling everyone in their family’s different needs. Working mums even more so. Building up a business around little (and even not-so-little) ones can be challenging to say the least.

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Focus on SEO: Five Things to Get Right

16th July 2018 /

As web developers and content creators we’re always being asked about SEO and we’re always banging on about it. So what exactly is it?

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