How working with a small digital agency can bring benefits to your business


06 October 2021

By: Nic Thomas

As a small business ourselves, we know what makes other small businesses tick. Being small in size brings benefits we feel worth banging the drum about.

Small Digital Agency

Being a small business means we understand what you want from us: namely a quality service offering the kind of personal input a corporate behemoth simply can’t offer. It’s that kind of attention and service that makes us so great to work with. Being small in size brings other advantages too. 

Small digital agency help in Bristol

Five reasons why we think small is beautiful:


Being a small digital agency team means we are responsive to our clients’ needs and aren’t wedded to any one particular working process. The fewer the number of people involved in the project means the quicker our response is. You’re not trapped in the process conveyor belt of a huge digital agency and we’re not distracted by a multitude of clients or projects. We can respond rapidly and flexibly to client demands in a productive and cost-effective way without compromising on quality.

We’re happy to work in a way that works for you whether this means a temporary or, as it is for some of our clients, ongoing relationship. 

Our work with local Bristol-based charity Gympanzees continues to bear fruit several years down the line. We update their website as their work develops and their team grows. We’re so proud to have been involved with this amazing charity since the very beginning and love that we are still involved.


We believe that the very best work is done through collaboration and so we like to build great working relationships with our clients. To collaborate effectively means our communication skills need to be first and we need to be open to all feedback. We pride ourselves on not getting caught in sector jargon and making sure our clients know what is happening and are in involved in the process every step of the way. Ultimately this means we build productive, successful relationships with our clients, relating to them as people rather than accounts.

It’s an approach that pays dividends, not just for us, but for our clients too. When some need to make their product or work made accessible, we’re on hand to help with that.


All our work is driven by individual project and client needs. We take each project as it comes and design a solution according to its particular requirements. If that means slotting in as a temporary part of your team (perhaps as an extension of the marketing department) then we can do that. Or you can outsource the entire project to us, and that’s good too. Your project becomes our project and we dedicate all our energies towards that shared vision.

As part of a total overhaul of their existing website – and despite the geographical distance – we became a temporary part of the team at Cerebra, liaising with both the marketing department and their technical support for as long as the project required. Then we handed a shiny new website over to them to manage.


We’re a small team of specialists who bring together our different skills depending on the requirements of each individual project. We’re not a website designer or developer who can rustle up a few words when pressed, or a digital marketeer who sketch out a bit of design if need be. We’re each highly skilled in our chosen area. And being allowed to work exclusively in our specialist area means we play to our strengths and bring together brilliant solutions for our clients.


Together we are greater than the sum of our individual parts

If you need your website to eloquently sing your story, someone to help project manage your campaigns or sort out your Google Ads we’re the people with the words, the skills and the know-how. Over the years we’ve helped clients including The Access Man target their work and make it accessible, giving them a boost beyond that which a simple website revamp could give.

The bottom line? Return on investment

We like to think of ourselves as small, but perfectly formed. We don’t carry huge overheads or pay staff when they’re not working. You pay us and we work for you. It’s that simple. There’s no agency, no middle man account manager, no hidden extras we need to cover.

Having said that, we know how much our work is worth. And while we understand our personal service may not be the cheapest option, we aim to provide you with a great return on your investment. We value our work and we know you will too.

A great website does not need to have been created by a big business. In that same vein, you don’t need to be a big business to have a great website.

So if you want the best our small website development company has to offer in terms of expertise, accessibility and exceptional return on your investment, please get in touch.

We love working with like-minded people.

We’d love to work with you, get in touch.

Posted By Nic Thomas

Starting her career building websites in notepad back in the late 1990s, Nic's worked on a wide range of small and large-scale web projects. Nic can take your web project from website design brief, to website development completion and support you with your digital marketing.

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